Official e-mail Address

S.NoName of Head / OfficersE-mail Address / Phone Nos
1Dr. A. K. Sahai, Scientist ‘G’ Head, CR&, 020-25535877 Fax 020-25535435
2Dr. P. K. Nandankar, Scientist ‘F’ Head,, 020-25572550
3Mr. R.R. Mali, Scientist ‘F’, Head, Surface Instruments Division, 020-25535411
4Dr. N. Chattopadhyay, Scientist ‘F’, Head, Agriculture Meteorology 020-25535953,
5Shri K. N. Mohan, Scientist 'F', Head, Meteorological Training Institute
6Dr. D.S. Pai, Scientist 'F', Head, Climate Prediction Group,
7Dr. A. K. Srivastav, Scientist 'F' , Head, Climate Monitoring and Application Group
8Dr. Pulak Guhathakurta , Scientist ‘F’, Head, Climate Data Management and Services Group,
9Dr. Somenath Dutta, Scientist ‘F’, Head, Climate Application and User Interface Group
10Dr. Medha Khole, Scientist ‘F’ 020-25535886
11Dr. A. Kashyapee, Scientist ‘F’,
12Dr. G. Krishnakumar, Scientist ‘F’
13Shri U. R. Joshi, Scientist ‘E’
14Dr. V. Vizaya Bhaskar, Scientist ‘E’, Head, Air Pollution Section and Head, Estate &
15Shri K Padgalwar, Scientist ‘E’
16Shri P. A. Kore, Scientist ‘E’
17Shri Manish Ranalkar, Scientist ‘E’
18Shri JKS Yadav, Scientist ‘D’
19Shri O. P. Sreejit, Scientist ‘D’
20Shri R. Balasubramanian, Scientist ‘D’
21Shri Anjit Anjan, Scientist ‘D’
22Shri Uday Shende, Scientist ‘D’
23Shri G. K. Sawaisarje, Scientist ‘D’
24Shri Rakesh Kumar, Scientist ‘B’
25Miss Arti Bandgar, Scientist ‘B’
26Dr. Divya Surendran, Scientist ‘B’
27Shri N. P. Kulkarni, Scientist ‘B’
28Shri M. D. Danish, Scientist ‘B’
29Dr. S. Y. Khedikar, Scientist ‘B’
30National Climate 020-25572211
31Long Range 020-25572222
32National Data 020-25572254
33Surface Instrument 020-25572401
34National Data Centre ( Surface Data ) 020-25572255
35IMD Pune Library 020-25572207