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There are various forms which will be useful for Port Meteorological Offices while recruiting the ships and also for the observers on board the ships. Port Meteorological Offices can print these forms.

Barometer Correction Card :
E very Barometer will have a Correction, which is displayed by a Barometer Correction Card.

Height Correction:
B arometer Reading is to be corrected for Height Correction.

Marine Metwork Form:
M arine Metwork is carried out by PMO. This form is useful to PMOs for communicating with National Meteorological Service about Voluntary Observing Ships.

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Do you know?
  • First storm warning Signal was hoisted in 1880 in Kolkata port to warn the ships about impending danger from approaching storms.

  • First Indian vessel, S S Loyalty sailed from the Indian shores on 5th April 1919.

Indian Voluntary Observing Fleet
  • IMD has enlisted a cooperating fleet of Voluntary Observing Ships for collection of meteorological observations from ocean areas. The VOF at present consists of 186 ships of Indian and foreign registry.

Port Meteorological office
  • Port Meteorological office (PMO) keep liaison with shipping companies and masters of ships at Port and provide valuable guidance for maintaining onboard meteorological instruments.

  • There are six Port Meteorological Offices in India which are located at Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata

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