Drought Monitoring :

During 1965 and 1966, major parts of India were under prolonged and severe drought conditions due to deficient monsoon rainfall. On the recommendations of the Planning commission, Drought Research Unit started functioning at Pune in 1967 in the office of the Additional Director General of Meteorology (Research) After establishment, Drought Research Unit started conducting studies on different aspects of Drought. The salient activities of this Unit are as under:-

i. Defining meteorological Drought and its intensity.
ii. Delineation and identification of -Drought Prone areas of the country
iii. Study of past droughts and
iv. Monitoring Agricultural drought conditions during Southwest and
Northeast monsoons
v. Issuing weekly aridity outlook and
vi. Research on different aspects of drought.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) defines Meteorological Drought based on rainfall deficiency (SW monsoon, June-September) on sub-divisionwise basis. The meteorological Droughts are classified into (a) moderate and (b) severe based on rainfall deficiency, i.e. 26 to 50% and more than 50% respectively.