Hydromet Section and Drought Monitoring Unit

The Hydromet Section at the office of A D G M ( R ), Pune was formed during February 1947. The division maintains liaison with all the state rainfall registration authorities in the country and is the only rainfall data collecting centre in India. The rainfall data of all the raingauge stations in India is being received here, the data is being scrutinized and suitably processed for archival and computation. The division is responsible for preparation of climatology of India, in different temporal and spatial scales. It gives highly demanded Hydrological services by providing all type of climate information related to rainfall to the various central / state government / other agencies for water management, agricultural planning etc. The division prepares rainfall statistics and does hydrological analysis of different river catchments for project authorities.

The Drought Research Unit at the office of A D G M ( R ), Pune was formed during 1967. The salient activities of this Unit are defining Meteorological Drought and its intensity, delineation and identification of -Drought Prone areas of the country, Study of past droughts and Monitoring Agricultural drought conditions during Southwest and Northeast monsoon.