Library & Publication Section

The library houses as many as 13,000 books, 38,000 bound serials and 5000 pamphlets, many of them are rare and of historical value.

The library   also treasures very old departmental publications / data like Meteorological Register kept at the East India Company's Observatory at Madras dating back to 1822, Memoirs of IMD Vol. I 1876 to Vol. XXXII, I.D.W.R from 1878 till date, Meteorological Monographs Series Climatology, Hydrology, Agro-meteorology, Synoptic Meteorology, Satellite Meteorology, Scientific Notes, Technical Notes, PPSRs etc.

Significant   nos. of journals Foreign AND Indian) are subscribed in this library.

Some journals (Foreign AND Indian) are received on exchange basis.

IMD also brings out research support publications (Annexure A & Annexure B ) which are available on sale.


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