Instruments / Spares Manufactured in Workshop

Sl. # Instrument Name Spares
01. Anemometer (Optical) Shading Ring Assembly
02. Anemometer (Cup Generator) Heliostat
03. Stevenson Screen Wooden Boxes
04. Clock drum (Mechanical) Ozonesonde pump and frame
05. Clock drum (Quartz) Boom
06. Raingauge (NRRG) Wire Mesh
07. Rain gauge - TBRG Solar panel stand
08. Barograph Various Types of Masts
09. Thermograph Pen arms and nibs, washers
10. Hygrograph Fixed Point gauge
11. Sunshine Recorder Thermometer stand
12. Anemometer (Cup Counter) RMS Pins and Brackets
13. OPE Tank Windvane-MK-II
14. Windvane (Potentiometric) DPTA Floats
15. Raingauge (SRRG) ---