Historical Milestones in IMD Training Capabilities
which lead Development of MTI


As an outcome of World War II, the necessity of meteorological training to the personnel working in IMD was felt resulting in a large expansion of the IMD and consequent beginning of formal training courses for IMD personnel.


Commencement of an organized training school at Pune


Three new courses in meteorology started viz.

  •     Elementary,

  •     Intermediate and

  •     Advanced Course.

    In the same year, a modest training programme in Radio-sonde and Radar started at New Delhi.

  • 1962

    Owing to Indo-China War

  •     the emergency elementary training was conducted at the different centers.

  •     a regular Radiosonde and Radio-Meteorological Training centre was established (now functioning at the office of DDGM(UI), New Delhi.)

  • 1963

    Training to the Naval and Air Force Officers started.


    Reorganization of intermediate and advance training courses


    Training of Army officers and NGOs for the preparation of meteor reports


    First foreign trainee admitted.


    The silver jubilee of the meteorological training


    Training Directorate came into existence


    The advanced refresher courses on special subjects started                e.g. Numerical Weather Prediction, Atmospheric waves, Satellite Meteorology, etc.


    Agro-meteorological training unit started.


    A training centre for telecommunication established at New Delhi.


  •     Ab-initio Training course for Class I meteorologists started.

  •     WMO seminar for instructors from RA II and RA V was held.

  • 1985

    WMO Secretary – General visited training centers at Pune and New Delhi


    Training centers at Pune and New Delhi have been formally recognized as WMO, Regional Meteorological Training Centre.

    June 15, 1988

    WMO Secretary – General and Director General of Meteorology signed the agreement concerning the new R.M.T.C. in India.


    An exclusive trainees’ hostel facility started in 1989.


    Training Directorate was upgraded into the Training Division headed by Deputy Director General of Meteorology (Training).


    An exclusive building for the training division was constructed at Pashan, Pune and the training centre shifted there.
    The training in hydrology courses commenced under the World Bank funded Hydrology project.

    July 26, 1999

    The Training Division at Pune re-designated as Central Training Institute (CTI).


    Commencement of “Tailor Made training modules” catering to the specific requirements of various user agencies.