Air Pollution Monitoring

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commenced a BACKGROUND AIR POLLUTION MONITORING NETWORK (BAPMON) programme in July 1970, which was consolidated under GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE WATCH (GAW)  in 1989. The objective of the WMO GAW programme is to

   The Air Pollution Section, Office of the Additional Director General Meteorology (Research), I M D, Pune maintains a  network of 10 GAW stations.


 New Initiatives

Following equipment have been procured to bring the chemical analyses of rainwater at par with other WMO GAW stations:

      (i)      Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with Graphite furnace,

     (ii)      Ion Chromatograph

    (iii)      Microprocessor based pH and Conductivity Meters,

    (iv)       Ultra -pure water purification System.

     (v)      One set of gas analysers (SO2 and NOx) for ambient air monitoring is installed at Pune.

            Aerosol Optical Thickness which indicates the columnar aerosol load of the atmosphere is measured at GAW stations. Single channel Volz's sun photometer have been replaced with Microtop-II multi-channel sunphotometer (wavelength 368, 500, 675, 778 & 1028 nm) at Allahabad, Jodhpur, Kodaikanal, Nagpur, Portblair, Srinagar and Pune.

One Such Sun photometer is installed at Maitri, Antarctica also.  Results from the Analysis of data from GAW stations. The list of research papers published by the Air Pollution Group is give here