S.No. Pre bid / Last / Expiry / Opening Date  Title of Tenders  Ref. No.
  1. 17th May, 2021

Supply, installation and commissioning of Pressure Vacuum Chamber

e-Tender Enquiry No. CRS/SID/PUD/9016(PrVC)/0521/01 Dated: 07.05.2021
  2. 18th May, 2021

Procurement of High Accuracy Digital Barometers for RMC Standard – 6 Nos.

e-Tender Enquiry No. CRS/SID/PUD/9016(Baro)/0521/02 Dated: 07.05.2021
  3. 19th May, 2021

Procurement of GPRS based Data loggers, GPRS modems, Sensors and other accessories

e-Tender Enquiry No. CRS/SID/PUD/9016(AWS)/0521/03 Dated: 08.05.2021
  4. 2nd April, 2021

Procurement of Non-Recording Rain Gauges

e-Tender Enquiry No. CRS/SID/PUD/9016(NRRG)/0321/03 Dated: 24.03.2021.
  5. 26th March, 2021

Procurement of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors with radiation shield and accessories

e-Tender Enquiry No. CRS/SID/PUD/9016(ATRH)/0321/02 Dated: 18.03.2021
  6. 05th April, 2021

Set up of web portal for training programmes of India Meteorological Department, Pune

Request for Proposal

e-Tender Enquiry No. CRS/MTI/PUD-9016(WP)/0321/01 Dated: 05.03.2021

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