Seismology Observatory Pune

Seismological Observatory Pune was initially established in 1956. Where direct visible record was available on rotating drum with the help of ink pen was installed in the entrance of main building near to staircase. In November 1968 after Koyna earthquake WWSSN system with photographic paper was installed in the basement till 1989 September instead of photographic paper direct visible recorder on thermal paper was installed successfully. In 1996 GSN system was installed. In 2008 RTSMN was installed with latest version which transmit the data directly to Head quarter, New Delhi.

At present this seismological observatory is functioned with a fine combination of old (WWSSN- World Wide Standardize Seismological Network) and advance instrument like RTSMN (Real Time Seismic Monitoring Network) with provision of transmission of current data directly to Head Quarter through V-sat. However at present the only Seismological Observatory Pune have WWSSN system with at glance visible record on it.

Analogue Recording instruments:
WWSSN system with at glance visible recording

Digital Sensor:
RTSMN (Real Time Seismic Monitoring Network)