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Redefining Marine Meteorology
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This website is prepared keeping in view the fundamental aspects of Marine Meteorology, considering the increased concern among the maritime community about a variety of environmental issues. The Website will meet the critical needs of Port Meteorological Offices as well as the observers on board the ships

The website is merely a collection of information available on Internet and is compiled from various websites, freely available. This collection is for private circulation for Port Meteorological Offices, Ship observers and it is not intended to violate copyrights of anybody what so ever.

One movie on "Weather Observations onboard Voluntary Observing Ships" is also available by the courtesy of Japan Meteorological Agency. Ship observer can just click on "Video Tutorial" for viewing.


REQUIREMENT : आवश्यकता
For viewing the contents of this Website, your computer must have Acrobat Reader 5.0. The setup file of this software is also provided. Acrobat Reader can be easily installed on your computer.

FORMS : - फॉर्म्स
There are various Forms which will be useful for Port Meteorological Offices while recruiting the ships and also for the observers on board the ships. Port Meteorological Offices can print these forms.

Lecture NOTES : - लेक्चर नोट्स
Two Lecture Notes are included in Lecture Notes section which will be useful to Port Meteorological Offices as well as the observers on board the ships

PRESENTATIONS: प्रस्तुतीकरण
Two Presentations are included in Presentations section which will be useful to Port Meteorological Offices as well as the observers on board the ships

WEATHER CODEBOOK: कूट पुस्तिका
weather Codebook prepared by India Meteorological Department namely Ship Weather Code 2004 is available here for ship observers. General information about codes. weather parameters and international Marine Meteorological Tape (IMMT) formats are also available here. You can end the frustration of coding Weather Data

CODE CARD : कूट कार्ड
You can use Code card. It is useful for Ship observers for coding meteorological parameters rapidly and easily and will be useful for them as a ready reckoner.

SOFTWARES : सॉंफ्टवेयर
You can end the frustration of coding Weather Data, by using software program called Turbowin in few easy steps and transmit Weather Observations through Land Earth Stations. So what you have to do is to open the program and start recording Weather Observations and pass it through SAT terminal or through Internet. You can use True Wind Calculator for calculating Instantaneous True Wind. You can use cloud classification software called Meteoclassify Software and become expert in cloud classification.

WMO BROCHURES : - वि. मौ. सं. ब्रोशर
Various WMO Brochures are included, for better understanding of the subject for Port Meteorological Offices as well as the observers on board the ships.

WEATHER FORECASTS - मौसम पूर्वानुमान
If your computer is connected to Internet, then you can get latest Weather Forecasts , Sea Area Bulletins, GMDSS Bulletin for the area of Indian Ocean, North of Equator and also latest satellite Infrared, Color composite pictures. Just click the links and open it in new window.

India Meteorological Department, Pune
भारत मौसम विज्ञान विभाग पुणे
Do you know? - क्या आप जानते हैं?
  • First storm warning Signal was hoisted in 1880 in Kolkata port to warn the ships about impending danger from approaching storms.

  • First Indian vessel, S S Loyalty sailed from the Indian shores on 5th April 1919.

Indian Voluntary Observing Fleet - IVOF
  • IMD has enlisted a cooperating fleet of Voluntary Observing Ships for collection of meteorological observations from ocean areas.

Port Meteorological Office - PMO
  • Port Meteorological office (PMO) keep liaison with shipping companies and masters of ships at Port and provide valuable guidance for maintaining onboard meteorological instruments.

  • There are six Port Meteorological Offices in India which are located at Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata

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- वेब साईट DDGM(WF) , भारत मौसम विज्ञान विभाग, पुणे द्वारा विकसित