Upcoming Annual Monsoon Workshop and Heatwave Symposium 2024

Annual Monsoon Workshop
and National Symposium on
“Understanding the science of heatwaves under the warming scenario and challenges ahead”

Organized by:
Indian Meteorological Society, Pune Chapter (IMSP)
(In association with Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, India Meteorological Department, & Ocean Society of India)

The annual flagship activity of the IMSP, the Annual Monsoon Workshop , was organized on 18th March 2024 at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune. The workshop discussed various aspects of the southwest and northeast monsoon seasons of 2023, including different climatic features and forecasts on a subseasonal to seasonal scale. Following the workshop, a National Symposium on Understanding the Science of Heatwaves Under the Warming Scenario and Challenges Ahead was held on 19th March 2024. The symposium featured invited lectures by field experts and participatory contributions in the form of oral and poster presentations.

Themes for the National Symposium

Theme 1: Observational evidence of Heatwave trends.
Theme 2: The science of heatwave and heat stress: regional and global.
Theme 3: Model simulations and latest approaches in heatwave prediction including AI/ML.
Theme 4: Improvement in heatwave projections at sub-regional scale.
Theme 5: Effective translation of science of heatwaves for community guidance.
Theme 6: Impact of heatwave on health, agricultural, power, transport, water and urban planning .
Theme 7: Understanding marine heatwaves and its economic impact..

Dates: 18th March 2024:  Annual Monsoon Workshop  |   19th March 2024:   Heatwave Symposium

Venue: Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune

Important Dates:

Abstract submission starts on: 15th February 2024
Abstract submission ends on: 4th March 2024 (Closed)
Communication of Acceptance of Abstract: 5th March 2024

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Registration Fees:

For IMS Members / Students: Rs. 300 /-
For Others: Rs. 600 /-
(Payment to be done on-spot at the conference venue from 08.30 am of 18th March 2024)

Click here to download the agenda of Annual Monsoon Workshop

Click here to download the agenda of Heatwave Symposium

Forenoon session of the Heatwave Symposium

Afternoon session of the Heatwave Symposium

Sr. No. Title Presented By

Next Generation Monsoon Mission Coupled Model (MMCFS-v2): Indian Summer Monsoon simulation and Prediction

Dr. Suryachandra A. Rao, IITM Pune

An Overview of Synoptic Aspects of Monsoon 2023

Dr. R. K. Jenamani, IMD Delhi

Review of Seasonal Forecast of Monsoon 2023

Dr. O.P. Sreejith, IMD Pune

An overview of NE Monsoon 2023

Dr. S. Balachandran, IMD Chennai

Performance of GFS/GEFS forecast (at 12km resolution) and performance of experimental

Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay, IITM Pune

Extended Range Forecast of Monsoon 2023

Dr. C. J. Johny, IMD Delhi

Presentations from Weather Industries

MicroStep Monitoring Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Presentations from Weather Industries

Azista Industries Private Limited

Oceanic Conditions in the Indo-Pacific Region during the Monsoon Season in 2023

Dr. P. A. Francis, INCOIS, Hyderabad

Summer Monsoon 2023: Influence of deviant El Niño and mid-latitudes circulation

Dr. Jasti S Chowdary, IITM Pune

Key aspects of Monsoon 2023 from NCMRWF operational products

Dr. T. Mohana Satyanarayana, NCMRWF, Noida

Landslides in India and prediction using the SATARK model

Dr. J. R. Kulkarni, IITM Pune

Agricultural Services during Monsoon 2023

Dr. Kripan Ghosh, IMD Pune

Hydrological aspects of SW monsoon 2023

Dr. Rajib Chattopadhyay, IMD, Pune
Sr. No. Title Presented By

Heat Waves: Climatology, Trends, Impacts and Management System in India

Dr. S. C. Bhan, IMD, Delhi

Heat Action Plan and related challenges for the Indian Cities

Prof. Rajashree Kotharkar, VNIT, Nagpur

Health-Based Thresholds for Heat Early Warning Systems

Dr Abhiyant Tiwari, NRDC, Delhi

Heat Waves in India: Patterns, Associations, and Subseasonal Prediction Skill

Raju Mandal, IITM, Pune

Atmospheric Blockings over North Atlantic Teleconnection to the Heatwaves over Northwest India: A Study of the Present, +1.5°C and +2.0°C Warming Worlds

Dr. Arulalan T, IMD HQ/IIT-Delhi

Assessment of Heat-Health Risks and Economic Impacts

Dr. Purnamita Dasgupta, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi

India’s Heat Action Plan: Successful Public Health Intervention for mitigation and adaptation against Heatwave

Prof. Mahaveer Golechha, IIPHG, Gandhinagar

5 Wave and extreme maximum temperature over Rajasthan, India

Dr. Radheshyam Sharma, IMD Jaipur

Marine Heatwaves in the Bay of Bengal and possible Impacts

Dr. Sourav Sil, IIT Bhubaneswar

Marine Heatwaves, Tropical Cyclones, and Terrestrial Heat Waves Cascading in a Changing Climate

Dr. Roxy M Koll, IITM Pune

0 Heat-Health Adaptation — A multi-disciplinary viewpoint

Prof. Joy Montero, IISER Pune

HPC-enabled Urban Integrated Modelling: Challenges and Solutions

Dr. Sahidul Islam, CDAC, Pune

Soil moisture induced land-atmosphere interactions in the evolution of extreme temperature over India

Dr. Bhupendra Singh, IITM, Pune

Understanding Climate Variability in North India: A Machine Learning Perspective

Aayushi Tandon, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Observed Intensification of Moist Heat Stress over the Indian Region

Lekshmi S, IMD Pune


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