Indian Meteorological Society

The Indian Meteorological Society (IMS) was formed in 1956 during one of the sessions of Indian Science Congress in Calcutta. Dr. S. Basu, the Director-General of Observations has the honour of being the first President of the Society. It was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act on 26th May, 1972 under the Presidentship of Dr. P. Koteswaram. The registration No. of the Society is 5403 and its registered office is at New Delhi. It has several brances called 'Chapters' functioning at various places. As of now there are fifteen chapters spread all over India and 'IMS Pune Chapter' is one among these.

Objectives :

1. Advancement of Meteorological and allied sciences
2. Dissemination of the knowledge of such sciences
3. Promotion of application of Meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities, such as, agriculture and land uses, irrigation and power development, navigation of sea and air, engineering and technology, medicine and public health etc.

Activities :

1. To encourage and expand research activity
2. To organize meetings, discussions, symposia, conferences etc.
3. To bring out suitable publications
4. To promote cooperation in scientific work