Some Landmarks in the Growth of NDC

1793First Meteorological Observatory at Madras
1823Second Observatory at Colaba (Bombay) began
1836Thiruvananthapuram Observatory started
1841Systematic Observational Recordings started; Simla Observatory began
1848Recording Maximum and Minimum temperature started
1856Practice of Hourly Surface Observations began
1875India Meteorological Department established
1877Alipore observatory was founded
1878India Daily Weather report made first appearance
1886Central Met. HQrs. at Calcutta; Central Library of Data at Alipore
1889First normals prepared (with a few data available till then)
1906Transfer of  HQrs. to Simla; Records  transferred  to Simla; First Climatological Atlas prepared
1926First Scientific note (Meteorological) published
1928Transfer of Simla HQrs to Pune; All data records transferred to Pune Office
1932Decentralisation of Control and Pune Office became independent
1942Director General of Observatories (Clim. & Geo-Phys.) made repository of Climatological Data of  Department
1945 Introduction of Handpunching Machines / Verifiers
1950Transfer of daily upper air data on punch cards
1952Usage  of  Hollerith  Tabulators,  Sorters   and reproducers
1967Collators installed
1968Central Data Punching (CDP) Unit established
1972Kard Vayer facility for indexing purpose installed
1977National Data Centre (NDC)  established;  EC 1040  installed   and   electronic   data processing started;  development  of  building  a Compact storgae  of data   
1980EC 9002  Key-to-tape (Data Entry) machine installed
1983DCM data entry machines introduced
1986VAX 11 / 730 (with magnetic tape and disk drive units) installed
1993VAX 4000/300 (with  large  number of peripherals viz., PC's,  workstations, CTD's and plotter);  digitisers  installed.
1995PC  Data  Entry  Machines  installed  (replacing   DCM  machines)
1999Internet  installed  to  facilitate  and  support  the activities  of  Long Range Forecasting  and   Weather  Forecasting
2000IMD Website and of RMCs, Chennai, Mumbai & Kolkata established
2001Hydrology Project implemented; NDC being the nodal and became its Data Storage Centre
2002VAX 4000/300 system Expanded; A Powerful COMPAQ server added to the network enhancing the existing system capabilities