Advanced Met. Training Course


Educational qualification B. Sc. (with Physics, Mathematics as main subject) /M.Sc./ B.E./ B.Tech.

Period and Location:

12 months at Pune centre

Target audience:

Group-A officers from other Govt. of India organizations (Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, etc.) and NMHSs of the neighboring countries in Afro-Asian-pacific region.

Learning objectives /Expected skills to be developed:

Mode of Evaluation of Performance:

Separate examination is carried out in each theoretical paper and practical paper mentioned above at the end of each semester and viva voce examination are being held in addition to written examination. Trainees select a research topic under the guidance of a member of faculty and submit project report, which will be evaluated and marks awarded. The performance of the participants during their attachment to Weather Section (WS) and Indian Ocean and Southern Hemispheric Analysis Centre (INOSHAC), Northern Hemispheric Analysis Centre (NHAC), Satellite Meteorology Division, Area Cyclone Warning Centre (ACWC) and Meteorological Watch Offices (MWOs) at international airports is also evaluated. The performance in the OJTs is also evaluated. The result of each semester is declared separately. The participant who fails to obtain minimum pass marks has to reappear. Certificates will be issued to successful candidates.


This course fulfils the WMO BIP-M requirements for competency.

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