Integrated Met Training Course


Graduation in Science

Period and Location:

4 months, at Pune, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

Target audience:

Fresh recruited scientific assistants of IMD (Group-B non-gazetted staffs of IMD, recruited directly through SSC) for their next promotion to Group-B gazetted officer (Met-A/B); and Meteorological technicians from other Govt. of India organizations (Indian Army, SASE, etc.) and NMHS of the neighboring countries in Afro-Asian-pacific region.

Learning objectives /Expected skills to be developed:

Mode of Evaluation of Performance:

Final Examination is held once at the end of the course. At the time of the examination, candidates are interviewed by a board of officers and marks are allotted for this viva voce examination also.

The marks obtained in the examination and for class work are counted towards the final result and evaluation. The participant who fails to obtain a minimum mark in the examination has to reappear for the respective examination after four months. Certificates are issued to successful candidates.


This course fulfils the WMO BIP-MT requirements for competency.

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