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The library is one of the two central departmental libraries. It was established in 1928. It holds knowledge resources predominantly related to meteorology and allied subjects. It caters to the scientists of the department as well as research scholars, students and other governmental agencies. It also acts as a online supply counter for departmental publications. This Library has a large collection old manuscript and other forms of meteorological and allied subjects’ data which are being digitized / scanned and preserved. There are very old publications kept in Library for reference. The library houses as many as 13,500 books, 40,000 bound serials and 5000 pamphlets, many of them are rare and of historical value. The library also treasures very old departmental publications / data like Meteorological Register kept at the East India Company's Observatory at Madras dating back to 1822, Memoirs of IMD Vol. I 1876 to Vol. XXXII, I.D.W.R from 1878 till date, Meteorological Monographs Series (Climatology, Hydrology, Agro-meteorology, Synoptic Meteorology, Satellite Meteorology), Scientific Notes, Technical Notes, PPSRs etc.

Library holdings

Books: 13170
Bound volumes: 39260
WMO publications: 3000 apprx.

Library services

Library provides reference service to scientists, students, trainees .Reprographic services are also provided when demanded. We also give reference service of all IMD publications viz; in the form of Hard copy, CD ROM, by mail etc. as requested.

Eligibility to use of library

All the staff members of Pune offices become members of library by default. Besides, the research fellows working in the office, trainees undergoing training in “Meteorological Training Institute” can use the library. Other students, researchers can avail library facility after producing appropriate introductions.

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Indian, Foreign and Exchange Journals,

भारतीय, विदेशी तथा विनिमय पत्रिकाएँ


1)Agricultural Reviews, 2)Asian Journal of Water, 3)Environment & Air Pollution, 4)Bharatiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika, 5)Bhugol Aur Aap, 6)Crop Research, 7)Down to Earth, 8)Electronics for You, 9)Farming and Management, 10)Geography and You, 11)IETE Journal of Education, 12)IETE Journal of Research, 13)Indian Farming, 14)Indian Journal of Agricultural Research, 15)Indian Journal of Agronomy, 16)Indian Journal of Geo-marine Science, 17)Journal of Agrometeorology, 18)Journal of Earth System Sciences, 19)Open Source for You, 20)Resources, 21)Energy and Development.


1) Climatic change,2) Climate Dynamics, 3)International Journal of Climatology, 4)Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics,5) National Geographic, 6)Weather.


1)Current Science, 2)Geofizika, 3)Der Wetterlotse, 4)ENVIS Newsletter, 5)Geofisica International Mexico, 6)GlasnikMathematika, 7)Geophysical Bulletin of Hokkaido University, 8)Journal of Indian Institute of Science, 9)Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, 10)Journal Meteorological Research – Tokyo, 11)Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan,12) Papers in Meteorology and Geophysics, 13)Rashtriya Panchang, 14)Technical Report – COLA, 15)Technical Report – Met. Research – Japan,16) Tsukuba- Geo-environmental sciences, 17)Upagrah, 18) Vatavaran,

City Climates

1)Climate of Delhi, 2)Climate of Kolkata, 3)Climate of Mumbai, 4)Climate of Nagpur, 5)Climate of Ahmadabad, 6)Climate of Bhopal, 7)Climate of Chandigarh, 8)Climate of Dehradun, 9)Climate of Jaipur, 10)Climate of Lucknow, 11)Climate of Srinagar, 12)Climate of Raipur, 13)Climate of Thiruvananthapuram, 14)Climate of Khajuraho,